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nick bohnet golden horizon author




Born and raised in Dartmouth, England, I've led a slightly eclectic life all over the world. A Jack of All Trades, (not my words) I draw from my experiences as a firefighter, yacht captain, tree surgeon, sailing instructor, farm hand, and avid poker player, to create colourful characters in my stories. As a licensed pilot, I enjoy flying helicopters, light aircraft, paramotors and gyrocopters - but that once in a lifetime opportunity where I was handed the controls of a Spitfire, has been hard to beat.

On other occasions, I've crossed Europe on a motorcycle (because who doesn't like a good bike ride); skippered yachts worldwide; and explored, dived, gold panned and volunteered in Central America. Trained in Maritime Anti-Piracy Techniques and Firearms, skill’s that have come in handy on several occasions, I also served proudly as a captain for Sea Shepherd marine conservation group on anti-poaching campaigns. 

While I enjoy 'adventuring' (and dangling from high places), I'm also a bit of an introvert (and maybe even slightly anti-social).  I try to make up for that by sharing some of my own weird wit and varied (for lack of a better term) lifestyle through writing action-adventure suspense novels, like Golden Horizon. Though not sure for how long, I'm currently spending time between Costa Rica and France to work on my next novel. As with all my writing, I hope to take you on an suspenseful, action-packed adventure, and maybe give you a chuckle along the way.

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