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Golden Horizon

Action Suspense Novel

A fireman running from his past will accept an offer he can't refuse.

A dangerous criminal will stop at nothing to retrieve his gold. 

Fire and Gold prove a deadly combination in this action-packed suspense.

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Matt, a fireman wracked with guilt, returns to his hometown of Dartmouth to put his life back together. After meeting Jess, a spirited young woman, he aims to push his past aside. But, with his finances dwindling and the bank poised to repossess his floating home, he risks losing everything.

When a stranger on a luxurious yacht arrives in the sleepy port - dangling an unusual proposal, Matt grabs the opportunity to ease his financial burden. Enticed by the mention of gold, Matt plays a dangerous game to outsmart this madman, never anticipating the deadly consequences.

The race is on and the stakes are rising. With abduction, arson, and murder, this ruthless criminal will stop at nothing to retrieve his sunken gold. And Matt, will finally have to confront his demons if he's to save himself and everything he cares for in this clock-ticking, witty, action suspense.

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Kindle Unlimuted * E-Book * Paperback

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Most Helpful

(Straight to the Point)

Small-town hero goes up against a highly connected bad guy, both putting it all on the line for the allure of stolen gold. Nice backdrop, likable characters, good story and well placed witticism which made this an all around enjoyable read.

Big Ski - Website

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Creatively Written

(Written with Style)

Golden Horizon is an intriguing foray into the dangerous world of ruthless criminals and those who seek to put them behind bars. Thoughtful and intense, this novel is most definitely a page turner, seamlessly juxtaposed with a gentle hint of tenderness.

Lauren Moscatel - Amazon

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Say What?

(Witty, Humourous, Amusing Critique)



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